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Tuesday, 4 November 2014


Do  you remember dancing the night away with the newest songs rocking out to your favourite tunes?.  Now, you will get to relive those magical moments starting in the 1940s to the present day.

This term I have been focusing on finding backstories I interviewed Greg about his dancing memories. His most memorable dance was the school discos.  He especially liked the halloween disco because you could dress up like a monster or vampire and scare people as they walked pass. If he could relive those moments I wonder if he would do anything different. I wonder if we do more school discos now days than back then.

We also interviewed Susan Pageot about her dance memories. She remembers the  Form 1 social dances because the atmosphere was tense as all the girls were standing in one corner and all the boys in the other all staring at each other , waiting for someone to ask someone else to dance.  If she could change that now she would have been more confident so she could have had more fun. The dance reminded her of square dancing and line dancing and her favourite part of the night was putting on her new skirt that was made for the dance. 

Now when there are school dances you arrive and search for your friends and random dance. If you stay to see us perform our modern dance you will see how dances have changed over time and leave a vote for your favourite dance over all. We wonder if in the future dances will change again or stay the same or go back to the way they were?

At the beginning of last term we were told we we looking at backstories which we didn't know much about. We were worried because we would have to learn what backstories were. With help we learnt what they were and built on our skills. This made a big difference to how the project moved along. The turning point for us was creating our own backstories this showed us how backstories should be presented . Now we feel good about how our project is going and we are happy to showcase it.

This is my social sciences reflective graph.

And this is a Gant chart.

This is Maddie and I practising one of our eye catching moves.

Sunday, 21 September 2014

Learning Story Title:



Discovery is a time to create and try new things. We set ourselves goals verbally and write reflections to do with the key competencies. Today at discovery  I did gymnastics and it wasn't very fun even though I did achieve the goal I set myself.

I am finding managing myself and relating to others simple. The other key competencies I find hard. Thinking is hard because I always want to rush ahead and for participating - I don't normally participate well in activities I am not experienced in. I haven't overcome any challenges though so that is what I will do next time.  I have been surprised by the way I have become better at things I already knew how to do. By doing them regularly it becomes a habit. 

Lily's tale

                                   chapter 1
                                    she had a plan

One day a girl named Lily went to her first day at Waimairi School. She was a small blonde-haired girl with emerald green eyes. She had 8 freckles across her nose. She started school back in 1914 where she had an ordinary life. She would go to school 5 days of the week.  She would sit in the class behind her dull wooden desk day in day out. 

Then she found a senior a girl far taller than her. She had long chocolate brown hair that was loose and flowing. The girl said she couldn't wait for her 11th birthday when she would be a standard four she said to her friend, almost a senior of the school. That's when Lily realised she was going to be there six years and if she would be there six years that she would have to make the most of it. She would cause chaos. She was going to be naughty. 

She spent her first week being a good girl, she was the teachers pet. She listened to what the teacher said, or so the teacher thought.  If the teacher needed something she would be the one to get it. 

She spent most of her day being bored. When her teacher wasn’t looking she just rolled her eyes. and even worse she played pranks on her teacher. One time she stuck a dead rat in the desk of of Ms Bracaridge her kind hearted teacher and when her teacher screamed she knew she had discovered her little surprise.  
The teacher was shocked and questioned everyone of them except of course her prized student Lily. Though after school that day she told Ms  Bracaridge she saw the boy next to her, John, scheming something evil. And of course she was believed.  Well if you didn’t know any better I’m sure you would too. 

The next day Ms Bracaridge completely forgot about the whole incident and John was still going on about how he didn’t do it, but Ms Bracaridge thought otherwise she said “If you do not say sorry then you will get a 4 hour detention.”  John didn’t seem to be bothered he just became quiet and sat behind his desk and listened.  Then the day finished and they went home. 

John and Lily walked home together. They strolled through the park.  They said hello to the fisherman as they went past the river. Then John mentioned something about the day he had at school. He said ‘I wonder who made up those rumours.” And Lily said “I think it may have been.



Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Learning Story Title:

Name: Imy 


  I am doing an inquiry project on dance through the decades. We have learnt a range of dances from ballet to disco and plenty of others . We are doing research about what era they came from and learning the basics of the dance to a professional standard.

 I am learning to my manage time and others and how to be a good researcher by looking at more than one website so I know the information is true. I'm also looking at how to present the work.

I think I'm going well because I have done as much as I thought could be done in the time. I think I have also done well at managing and being organised as one of the leaders for the project. 

When I get stuck on what to do I tend to rush ahead so I have to redo things. Which is good and bad because I waste time but it looks better so it's worth it.   Sometimes taking longer first time is better, because it saves time and equipment. 

I have also been working on my key competencies by sharing spaces with others and taking turns, which have been developing my relating to others skills. I am self managing because I didn't want much teacher guidance which is what I need as a year six so I'm ready for next year at intermediate where I expect I will get less teacher guidance.

Next time I will take my time so it's a really high quality and to look at the smaller details more.

Monday, 25 August 2014

Inquiry reflection

My project is...
Karsia and I are doing a project on the history of games. We are doing surveys to see what sounds most interesting out of a series of games such as hazard ,marbles and many more. From the survey we found out hazard sounds most intereasting another survey we are doing is what people have heard of from the same  selection of games. So we learnt how to play hazard which is a dice game. We are also trying to get backstories and interview people to get the backstory.  After we taught people the game, we went to a retirement village we talked to four people there about games they played when they were kids.

I am learning...
I am learning many skills I am learning how to survey people and get a fair result, use a Gant chart and how to play many games such as hazard and try different ways to play marbles. I am trying to be an independent student and work well without full teacher guidance.

My next steps are...
To try and improve the quality of the questions to make them easier to answer and start to think about the way to present our project.

We found that hazard was the most intereasting sounding game
By karsia and Imy 

Sunday, 24 August 2014

Speech & reflection 2014

You know how your parents say if your unsure ask your teacher, and if you still don't understand come and tell me ?
Like you don't understand your math homework you don't get the whole squared root thing; you were unsure weather it's 2 x 8 or 8 x 8 but your teacher says "I'm busy, remind me later", but you forget to remind the teacher.  Then you come home and wished you asked other people because homeworks due tomorrow and you still don't know.

Which brings me to a time. It was a dark and gloomy day the sun was nowhere to be seen, the ground was all steamy and even from the end of the drive you could see the row of blind crossings. At the top of the drive I could see my Mum. It looked like she was waving but she may have been signalling me back.  I took no notice of that, and I started to talk to my friend until I came to the first blind crossing. Then I stumbled , I came crashing to the ground , my cold hands hit the ground just before my head, but I felt fine so we carried on then we started talking again.  We hit a gravel drive, I walked across it all right then I was about to fall when I put my hand to the white worn out fence , but it was a spiked fence even though it hurt extremely. I wanted to continue.

 The clouds were now black like the night sky . I rode right over the blind crossing luckily the road was going a different way. I was talking with my friend and I wasn't concentrating,  I ended up in the long branches of a tree .When  I looked ahead I saw a road and a hill and a blind crossing but what I thought was most challenging was the hill, even though it was only tiny it was my first time rollerblading. We tried using our knees to get down the hill then I started rolling then there was a flash of silver, and it was a car. After all what else would it be I was on a road and it was bigger then a bike then I saw my mums car. I wasn't on the road when the car went past but it was so close to the foot path and I was on the very edge of the foot path then my mum parked her car she was as red as a fire truck she signalled for me and my friend to get into the car.  I felt really anxious. We did what she said "I told you to wait for me, because it would be strange if you three showed up before I did".

I still disagree, whenever my annoying sister brings the story up. My Mum always says "you should have listened" and I always say "I did "  "you know you nearly got hit by a car" Mum said  and I just rolled my eyes.
She always finishes of with "if you weren't sure you should have checked it out anyway" and this is why it's good to ask if your unsure because later if she hadn't noticed i had left.  What would of happened if  I fell and hurt myself.

What am I learning...
To evoke a emotion without saying how I feel (show don't tell) and connecting techniques to suite my story.

How am I going...
I feel I am working at multi structural level because I have used three features but they are not connected proply I think I am going to improve this by...

How can I improve this...
I'm going to try to use my *bright sparks book more often to give my work better language and use a better structure to sentences.

*a book filled with good language 

I think my reflection is multi stuactual because I have given many ideas 

Monday, 4 August 2014

Nature gone bad.


"Back in my day we all lived on farms.I remember this one time when the farmers got together for a picnic under the nice shady walnut tree". We were all enjoying a nice summer day when we started to smell something unusual. Was it a roast chicken or the bonfire next door? We all wondered what it was, so we started we went of foraging for the fire. 

We followed the smoke until we came to the final destination.  We saw the flames that were blazing above our heads. We huddled around and tried to come up with a wise plan. Finally after arguing and shouting we decided we would put our money together and call the firebrigade to come to the rescue. I went back to my house I couldn't find any money then I realised the back door that lead to the sheep pen was open. I had to chase the sheep through the small town of Little Weirworld.

The chase continued to the shady walnut trees where the wild blazing fire had spread to.People were starting to panic .
"I need a drink ah that's better now where was I? Oh yeah.” Then the people realised there was 326 raging mad sheep behind them.

The people began panicking even more than before. We called the fire brigade who came to the rescue. They took their long hoses and started to put out the fire. The fire fighter squirted the sheep by accident and they followed their tracks back to the pen. And that is the story of nature gone bad.

By karsia and Imy